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This wiki is a database of Rukiryos SwordBurst Online, made by InvalidSwordFighter.

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All information is recorded here by the help of SBO players and myself! Also keep in mind that some weapons/armors have stat changes and i may not be able to notice it for a while, so just give me a heads up in the comments section!

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Reminder; This wiki is the most accurate and organized wiki there is for SBO, and yes, this wiki does support other ones with information on the game.

News as of 6/10/16

This wikia will not have anymore updates due to the games development progress being stopped. Good news is Rukiryo (AbstractAlex) is making a new mmorpg called "Shard Online". I will most likely make a new wikia for it so players could have some sort of informative help on their journey completing the game. Thank you for those who had stayed and or still look at this wikia, really thanks me of my hard work finding all the information playing SBO.

The name of the game has been changed from Sword Art Online:Burst to SwordBurst Online!

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