Name Rank Source/Floor
Boar Normal Floor 2
Wolf Normal Floor 2
Dire Wolf Mini-boss Floor 2
Ruin Kobold Sentinel Normal Floor 2
Kobold King Boss Floor 2
Orc Normal Floor 3
Ogre Mini-boss Floor 3
Blood Tribe Orc Normal Floor 3
Blood Tribe Ogre Mini-boss Floor 3
Jungle Golem Normal Floor 3
Droggrel the Golem Master Boss Floor 3
IceWhal Normal Floor 4
Alpha IceWhal Mini-boss Floor 4
Angry Snowman Normal Floor 4
Frozen Guardian Normal Floor 4
Ra'thae the Ice King Boss Floor 4
Armored Scorpion Normal Floor 5
Sand Wyrm Normal Floor 5
Fire Scorpion Mini-boss Floor 5
Centaurian Defender Normal Floor 5
Centurian King Boss Floor 5
Lion Normal Floor 7
Petal Knight Normal Floor 7
Cruel Lion Mini-boss Floor 7
Garish Gerberea Mini-boss Floor 7
Lizard Normal Floor 7
Turtagator Normal Floor 7
Earth Guardian Boss Floor 7
Griffin Mini-boss Floor 8
Crab Mini-boss Floor 8
Treant Protector Mini-boss Floor 8
Sand Reaper Mini-boss Floor 8
Flame Reaper Mini-boss Floor 8
Rock Bull Normal Creator Show Floor 6/12/15
Ancient Lion Normal Creator Show Floor 6/12/15
Ancient Dragon Boss Creator Show Floor 6/12/15
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